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Did you feel it?

Posted by episode81 on March 30, 2009

I just “survived” an earthquake!

Check out the USGS website for all the details.


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Rhubarb and Sunflowers

Posted by episode81 on March 17, 2009

Rhubarb - the first shootsMost decent companies encourage their employees to keep a sensible life/work balance.  This is a good philosophy!  I have taken it to heart and have recently rediscovered an old hobby – gardening.

When I lived in the UK, I went to the Royal Horticultural Society show aka the Chelsea Flower Show every year.  What fun!  There was me and a huge crowd of retirees … and nowhere to sit.  I got wise to this after several years of aching feet and heat headaches – the final straw came when I ended up in the first aid tent with heatstroke.  I invested in a rather grand folding seat. Not the clunky type you take on a camping trip, but a very light weight walking stick that unfurls into a chair with a back and arm rests and weighs less than 2lbs.

I triumphantly took it to the show following the heatstroke debacle feeling very pleased with myself.  I sat down by the bandstand to eat my lunch and rest in the shade.  There were many retirees circling, looking for a place to sit.  I smiled sweetly – yes, I can smile sweetly, believe it or not.  Eager to get back to the show, I stood up to pack my bag only to be knocked out of the way by an over-zealous retiree who was after my seat!

OZ Retiree: “Are you leaving?”

Me: “Yes”

OZ Retiree: “Great! I have been looking for a seat” <gloating, looks over at the other circling retirees>

Me: “You don’t understand, it is my seat” <quickly folds seat>

OZ Retiree: “Well, now it’s my seat!”  <looks mystified> “What happened to my seat?”

I scuttled off to the bulb tent without looking back!

Anywho, I digress …

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That thing about frogs.

Posted by episode81 on March 11, 2009

BullfrogOne of the most frequently asked questions that I get is “What’s with the frog thing?”.  What indeed!

I then endure several minutes of speculative answers before I can get a word in.  No, I don’t have any pet frogs.  Yes, I do like toads as well.  No, I haven’t seen the frog in a blender video on YouTube.  NO, I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT!  Etc.

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