Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.

A wardrobe full of the wrong trousers – part 2

Posted by episode81 on November 29, 2013

Bar1It has been about a year since I last posted here. I have been busy at work and just haven’t found the time. I keep thinking of subjects to post about, but I can’t hold the thought for long enough to get to the keyboard. A few of the blogs that I read are also somewhat erratic. I am in good company.

Anywho, I digress …

In an update to my last post about my trousers being too small, I now have a similar but much, much better problem. My trousers are all too big. Yes, I am bragging 😉

My weight was out of control and at the end of May I decided to do something about it. I spent a week on the Fresh Diet to get things off to a good start, and then practiced strict portion control, cut out bread, pasta, rice and potato (sigh) and started to exercise. I have lost 30 pounds with another 5 to go. I do eat those forbidden carbs once a week now, so the last 5 is proving hard to shift. I have dropped 4 sizes and recently purchased 26″ jeans. I am looking pretty damn good. Yes, I am still bragging.

I have some pretty terrible pictures of me earlier in the year. I check them out when I am tempted by delicious potatoes. I was going to use a truly awful picture of me in February in this post, but really, I look like a blob. Definitely nothing to brag about.

The real motivation behind my weight loss was nothing unusual but is very special. My sweetie proposed, I said yes and the next day I went on a diet. My wedding pictures are awesome. I love being married to my sweetie and I love being slim. And the bragging continues.

Life is good.

Still bragging …


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