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Noodles 1.0

Posted by episode81 on April 27, 2009


noodlesThis weekend, I spent some time at Save-a-Bunny in Mill Valley.  This is a remarkable charity that seeks out bunnies on death-row at shelters, and finds them homes with people who want one – like me.  The place is clean.  The only smell is of sweet hay – quite a feat if you are familiar with rabbits and their powerful output!

I visited on the way back from St Helena, where my friend Bob has a vineyard.  Bob worked with me at Sun.  He sold his stock before the crash (I didn’t) and now lives in St Helena, in a fabulous house surrounded by vines (I don’t).  Lucky man.  He makes the most awesome Cab I have ever tasted. There is nothing like a bottle of Bob with dinner.

Anywho, I digress …

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Happy St. Georges Day

Posted by episode81 on April 23, 2009

Building the flag

Have you noticed all the people wearing red today?  All the bars advertising red beer.  Badges and hats that say “Kiss me. I’m English”?  Me neither.  Substitute green for red and Irish for English and you have St Patrick’s day – the big Irish holiday.  Well, today is St George’s day – the modest English day.

I thought I would take this opportunity to clear up the confusion around the difference between English/British/Scottish/Welsh/Irish, United Kingdom/Great Britain/Britain and the Union Jack/Union Flag.

This wasn’t in the least bit important to me when I lived in the UK.  In fact I didn’t know much about the flag or the different country terminology.  Now I do and I am going to share that with you.  Oh you lucky, lucky people.

Anywho, I digress …

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Silicon Valley – tourist destination

Posted by episode81 on April 17, 2009

Evil, or not.Saw this article today.  Although I have encountered my fair share of tourists, I still don’t think of SV as a tourist destination.

I spent my teenage years in Paignton which is a magnet for holidaymakers (the generic British word for tourist) and SV is nothing like it!   Believe me, in Paignton, tourists shop at the supermarket in their bathing suits and are smothered in suffocating coconut oil.  Sadly, I used to take the same bus.  Never a good idea to sit in a seat once occupied by a slippery tourist – pretty funny though, when the bus pulled up sharp.  Tacky tourists all over the floor covered in bits of bus debris 😀

Tourists are called Grockles in Devon and Emmets in Cornwall.  These are not complimentary names.

Anywho, I digress …

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