Anywho, I digress …

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Noodles 1.0

Posted by episode81 on April 27, 2009


noodlesThis weekend, I spent some time at Save-a-Bunny in Mill Valley.  This is a remarkable charity that seeks out bunnies on death-row at shelters, and finds them homes with people who want one – like me.  The place is clean.  The only smell is of sweet hay – quite a feat if you are familiar with rabbits and their powerful output!

I visited on the way back from St Helena, where my friend Bob has a vineyard.  Bob worked with me at Sun.  He sold his stock before the crash (I didn’t) and now lives in St Helena, in a fabulous house surrounded by vines (I don’t).  Lucky man.  He makes the most awesome Cab I have ever tasted. There is nothing like a bottle of Bob with dinner.

Anywho, I digress …

Back to my rabbit!  His name at the shelter was Simon, his name at Save-a-Bunny was Painter.  Not loving either of those, I have named him Noodles.  Why Noodles?  I was watching a dog show on TV the other day and the winning dog’s nickname was Noodles.  I like the name.  Noodles is quite the goofy rabbit and has wierd rex fur – kind of curly but very short.  Oh, and he’s cute.  What’s not to love?


2 Responses to “Noodles 1.0”

  1. […] Posted by episode81 on July 28, 2009 On may 1st, I picked up my new bunny from Save-a-bunny.  He had spent his entire life in a cage – albeit a very comfy one once the fine folk at SaB rescued him.  I called him Noodles. […]

  2. jess said

    He looks a lot like my rescued rex, Gatsby! Super cute.

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