Anywho, I digress …

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The Noods

Posted by episode81 on July 28, 2009


You know where you are when you've got your towel

On May 1st, I picked up my new bunny from Save-a-bunny.  He had spent his entire life in a cage – albeit a very comfy one once the fine folk at SaB rescued him.  I called him Noodles.


Noodly Jowls

It took the Noodster 6 weeks to come out of his 5ft pen loaded with special Noodly toys and tasty vegetables.  Then there was no stopping him!  I have discovered that the Noodle-Doodle likes to “taste” everything … including me.  He also likes to snuggle, on the sofa, with a towel.  The towel is his best friend.  He is constantly rearranging it to his liking.  I guess you could call it Noodling 🙂

Mr Noodles, as he likes to be called, has a splendid face.  Oh, he is cute, but what I really love are his joggly jowls!  At the risk of sounding weird, I really like joggly jowls.  I often stop to snuggle with dogs on my way into town to joggle some jowls.  When I was in Costa Rica, I spotted a cow with a huge dewlap – sort of jowls.  Didn’t get to touch them, but I tried 😉

Anywho, I digress …

Happiness is enormous jowls

The Noodle is now quite settled.  He loves hopping around the house, although he does skid on the hardwood floor and crash into the wall rather a lot.  Very funny to watch.  He gets up and hops off as if nothing happened.  He is a goofy bunny!  Sweet, sweet boy 🙂

I know what you are thinking.  Is he litter trained?  Oh yes. So far, so good.  Noodles hops on back to his house to use the facilities.

Why all the name variations?  Why use one name when many will do?

Lisa, who has no variations.

One Response to “The Noods”

  1. Rhona said

    Love the Noodles jowl pictures and the owl handbag. See I do read your blog!

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