Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.

Fast work Noodles!

Posted by episode81 on December 4, 2009

Today Noodles returned to Save-A-Bunny to meet some single ladies/laddies 🙂  I thought we would just drop him off and leave, but we got to stay and meet the candidates.  SaB have loads of bunnies rescued from Moreland and Easterbrook. The rescue was precipitated by the demise of many rabbits at the hands of people with no moral fiber or humanity.  There are other words I could use, but my mum might be reading.

Anywho, I digress …

Noodles started his visit with a mani-pedi from Joann. Doesn’t he look sweet!

Cute overload!

Joann laid him down on his back and he just went into a kind of trance while she trimmed his nails.  She discovered that his dewclaws were missing.  I am a bad Noodle parent – I let his nails get so long that he broke his dewclaws off 😦

After his beauty treatment, it was time to meet the ladies!  I took a look around with Marcy and picked out Moreland #15.  They have so many rabbits that they have run out of names!  #15 has two BB pellets lodged in her shoulder from her rough life.  I named her BB.  I think she has the cutest nose I have ever seen!  Check it out!

All the single ladies, all the single ladies ...

Put a ring on it!

They got on like a house on fire.  Seriously, they made me blush!  Rest assured, there will be no babies but they certainly seem to enjoy a little something something 😉

Just in case a fight breaks out, Marcy is ready with her “bonding tool”.  It looks surprisingly like a kitchen implement, but apparently it works well to keep fighting/over-amorous rabbits apart.  Sweet.

Stand down sir!

After an exhausting introduction, Noodles had to lie down for a cigarette.

Damn, I'm good!

So, we left the Noods in the arms of his new love, BB.  We will return in 10 days, hopefully to find an inseparable couple. Yey!


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  2. Lara said

    😀 Yay, I have found the photos.

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