Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.

What’s in a name?

Posted by episode81 on October 28, 2010

But can you see them?

My mum says that it is better to laugh with people than at people.  I agree.  But sometimes that just isn’t possible.  Consider this example.

Shortly after I arrived in the USA, a British friend of mine asked me to pick up her daughters from the airport, as she couldn’t make it, and bring them down to her place in San Jose.  I got to SFO early and stood at the front of arrivals with a big sign – I had no clue what they looked like.  They arrived, we piled into the car and set out for San Jose.

Friend’s Daughter: How long have you lived in the USA?

Me: Oh, about 9 months.  I like it.

FD: Why did you move here?

Me: Weather.  Money.  Opportunity.

FD: What are the biggest differences you have noticed?

Me: The roads are wider.  The lorries are very fancy.  People are less cynical.  They don’t drink at lunchtime.  <Smiling> Some have pretty funny names.  There are a lot of Dicks and Wallys over here.  <Huge Grin>

FD: <Not Smiling> Dickson-Wally.  Yes, that’s a strange surname.  Scottish?

I tried not to laugh.  Really. But you know how that goes.  The more you try, the more you laugh.  They were silent until we reached San Jose.  Me, not so much.  I was never invited over for dinner.

Anywho, I digress …

Recently, I visited the opticians for my annual eye test.  While waiting in reception, a couple of young guys came in. White shirts, black trousers, tie, name tags… Mormons.  One of them had a sore eye – probably got poked in it by a disinterested potential convert.

Receptionist: Thanks for filling out the forms. You’ve written your name as John Smith?  Why doesn’t it match the name on your name tag?

Mormon With A Poked Eye: Ah.  It’s Elder Smith.  Elder.  It’s like a job title.

Yes, I laughed.

A lot. 😀


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