Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.

Nice house. You should buy it!

Posted by episode81 on February 27, 2011

Home sweet home

In a very unoriginal move, this post is all about my house. Which is for sale. And you should seriously think about buying it!

If you are too far away to come to the open house next weekend, you can enjoy it vicariously through the virtual tour.

For the curious, the furniture and objets are a mix of mine and the stager’s.  Living in a staged house is weird.  A bit like living in a department store window.

Anywho, I digress …

As you can see on the virtual tour, the back garden is vast.  About the size of Texas.  Well, maybe a bit smaller than that, but still enormous.

The Family Room  – I call it the Fun Room – is quite something.  Sound proof doors insulate it from the rest of the house, so you can kill monsters, shoot enemies, crush aliens or be a Rock Star, all without disturbing the rest of the house.  Or you can just lure noisy visitors in there and lock the door.  Useful for parties where some people use their outside voice inside and others want to hold a conversation without shouting.

All in all, quite the residence.  I would buy it.

Oh, wait …



Texas. Or not.

I always wanted to be Freddie Mercury. Couple of things made that impossible ...

One Response to “Nice house. You should buy it!”

  1. Amanda said

    very nice! why don’t you and dad and the animals live there? i might come visit more often if you did 😉

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