Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.


Posted by episode81 on October 7, 2009

Lisa in a parallel universe

Lisa in a parallel universe

I like aliens.  Bulbous heads, big eyes, green/grey/orange skin.  What’s not to love?  I am a Resident Alien, so I have an affinity for my people 😉

I have an orange alien on my credit card.  My bank allows you to upload a picture, so why not an alien?  It was rejected initially – no sense of humor at the bank apparently.  I just kept reapplying until they gave in.  A small victory for the alien population … with bank accounts.

Anywho, I digress …

Alien Princess

Alien Princess

I have mentioned before that I visited the de Young King Tut exhibition.  Although the exhibit itself was a little disappointing, I have discovered some interesting facts.  My favorite object in the exhibit was a sculpted head of a princess.  Why?  She looks like an alien (see pic, not the orange one).

Me: “Wow.  Looks like an alien!”

Random Person Standing Next To Me: <Raises eyebrows>

Me: <Notices the eyebrows on the RPSNTM> “Oh, yes, they were definitely here!”.

RPSNTM: <Takes a step back, and there are those eyebrows again>

You know what it’s like at these exhibits.  There’s a route, you tend to move about the exhibit with the same crowd of random people moving at the same pace …

Unusual Beetle

Unusual Beetle

There was a second object I was drawn to – a piece of jewelry featuring a scarab beetle made of an unusual stone.  Alongside the object was a video screen describing the origins of the unusual stone.  It was fused sand made when a meteor hit the earth in the Sahara Desert.  Or maybe not.

Me: “Meteor my foot!  That was the alien landing!”

Same, Therefore Not So Random, Person Standing Next To Me: <Direct from the Roger Moore School of Acting, the eyebrows go up again>

Me: <Warming to the audience. I do like an audience!> “The rise of the Egyptians was due to an alien invasion!  They were here.  This is proof!”

STNSRPSNTM: <Eyebrows out of control, slowly moves away … to a different room … with a security guard>

I was just having a bit of fun  🙂

However, the story is not over yet.  When I started looking for images to go with this post, I stumbled into to many UFO/alien web forums where these two items are actually cited as proof of an alien invasion!

We are not alone.  Who knew 😉


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