Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.

It’s not me

Posted by episode81 on October 10, 2009

We are not amused

We are not amused

I have lived in the same neighborhood for 13 years.  I like it.  I can walk into town for a coffee or dinner or shopping.  It’s a great spot and I love to walk.

Yesterday, I needed to return a book to a friend at Stanford.  I walked.  It was 2.6 miles and took me about 35 minutes.  I like to walk fast.  Sadly, I get quite warm when I am walking so I usually arrive dripping with sweat.  I have a good deodorant 😉

Anywho, I digress …

A few years ago, I noticed a nasty smell on my walking route to town.  As it was quite persistent, I named it Poo Corner as I assumed there was a sewage leak.  The city came and dug up the road – twice.  Still there.  I just held my breath and tried to ignore it.

I was out walking with my mum and started to warn her about Poo Corner, so that she too could hold her breath.

Me: “It’s not me.  This is Poo Corner – there is always a bad smell here so you might want to hold your breath.”

Mum: <Crumpled face, ready for the odiferous assault>

Me: “I think it’s the drains. They dug up the road but it didn’t fix it. It’s nasty.”

Passerby: “It isn’t the drains. It’s a tree with smelly fruit.”

Me: “Riiiight.”

PB: “Really. It’s a female Ginkgo tree. They smell. Really bad.”

And so it was!  The tree drops these mushy fruits that smell like sewage.  They stick to your shoes.  You walk into town, sit in the coffee shop and start looking around to identify the odor … and it’s you.  I don’t walk on that side of the street any more …

Don’t get me started on the other stinky trees that I encounter on my walk into town.  Frankly I am not sure which one is worse, but just imagine having them both in the same garden!  Yikes!


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