Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.

Uncommonly rude

Posted by episode81 on November 4, 2009

Not a picture of me ...

I love knitting, but not this much ...

I have lots of hobbies that I pick up and drop as the fancy takes me.  I have many boxes labeled “Lisa’s Forgotten Hobbies”, although I like to think of them as hibernating rather than forgotten.  In addition to gardening, I have rediscovered my love of knitting.  It is odd that my knitting stuff never made it into one of the aforementioned boxes – I wish it had.  I have “lost” my knitting bag that contains my most recent (started 6 years ago!) project.

I have been looking around for a new knitting project to get started.  In addition to the “lost” project, I have found 4 others that I could resurrect, but I like choosing the wool and starting a new project.  Notice a theme here?

Anywho, I digress …

I set out this afternoon to buy a circular knitting needle for the new project – I ordered the wool online.  I have been to the store before.  The service is, well, comically rude.  As I was ready for it, I found it greatly entertaining.

<Walking into the store at 2.53pm>

Comically Rude Shop Assistant: “We are closing at 3pm for an inventory check. Read the sign on the door!”

Me: “I just need to get some knitting needles”

CRSA: <Glares at me. Ouch!>

<Two minutes later>

Me: “I’ll take these. Let me just check the pattern.”

CRSA: “Be quick about it!”

Me: “Actually, I need another one as well, I’ll just grab it.”   <Smiling, giving my toothiest grin>

CRSA: “Another one? You already have two!”   <GLARE with bells on>

Me: “Thanks for your help. I’ll take this one too.”   <Smiling, giving my toothiest grin>

CRSA: <Snatches knitting needle and grabs my credit card. Icy.>

Me: What a delightful store.”   <Leaves the store with 30 seconds to spare, the glare of the CRSA burning into my back>

I can’t wait to go back.  I need wool for my second new project 🙂  They are open tomorrow.  At least they should know what is in stock.  That should be helpful … Or not.


One Response to “Uncommonly rude”

  1. Marie said

    Hey Lisa,
    I too have never once, in twelve years, been treated even passably pleasantly in this shop (if I’m thinking of the same one, the only one remaining in Los Altos.)
    May I suggest you try Purlescence Yarns in Sunnyvale? The two ladies who own the shop are very friendly and it’s a very homey place. They have a nice inventory of yarns, books and needles and I much prefer to bring my business to them!

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