Anywho, I digress …

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Never seen this before

Posted by episode81 on November 9, 2009

There is such a thing as a nice tangle, and this is it.

I visited a friend this morning to use her knitting equipment.  She has a swift and winder – used to convert a wool skein into a ball.  If you start knitting from a skein, it gets tangled and you spend more time untangling than knitting.  Not good.  It does beg the question, why sell tangly  skeins?  You need to wind it into a ball, preferably with a swift.  The alternative is to either put the skein on your feet (or a friend’s hands) and wind manually.  Also not good.

Anywho, I digress …


Not boots. Spats!

While I was there, winding my balls, my friend showed me her new craft project – a handbag made from some leftover fabric.  Nice.  She showed me the pattern and it is awesome!  The bag is fine, but check out those spats! I had no idea that this was all the rage in the 70’s.  Remarkable.  I have only ever seen them on Poirot before.  Who knew?


One Response to “Never seen this before”

  1. Teddy said

    Very interesting that anyone dreamed up such a pattern. Although I’m the pattern’s owner, I never even considered making spats (the word itself is discouragement enough) and promptly threw away the pattern pieces for them, since all I wanted to make was the bag. I do wonder how they were intended to be worn–over shoes? to change the look of old boots? I suppose we may never know. Or maybe I will find a way to recreate them for the amusement of my friend(s).

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