Anywho, I digress …

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Looking for love in all the right places

Posted by episode81 on December 2, 2009

Chicken Noodles

Noodles is about to embark on a journey – he is going back to Save-A-Bunny.  Fear not, he is not going to stay for long!  Just long enough to find a friend 🙂

The Matchmakers at SaB are going to try and bond him with a mate. I have spent quite some time thinking about names.  Clearly I can’t decide until I meet the new cheekster, but I do like to speculate …  I initially thought the new bunny name should go with Noodles, but Chicken is a bit of a crap name to give to a sweet bunny.  If the new bunny is brown, Mango would be good.  Mango Noodles.  Not sure if that sounds tasty or ghastly.

Anywho, I digress …

I have given the Matchmakers some guidance – must get on well with Noodles;  must be litter trained;  must not bite!  Size is not important, although I would be thrilled with an extreme – gigantic or minuscule.  Long hair would be good – I could collect the fur for spinning.  On the other hand, short hair is easier to maintain.  And if he turns out to be gay, I am just fine with that 😉

So it’s exciting!  In a couple a weeks, I could have another bunny … or I could discover that he isn’t gay or straight, just a hermit.


2 Responses to “Looking for love in all the right places”

  1. DM said

    Flour, Ramen, Pot, Kaboodles, Maccaroni, Al Dente (if he turns out to be gay), Rice (nah, Condoleezza rules out this one), Spaghetti, … PIIS?


  2. episode81 said

    Al Dente – I LOVE it!


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