Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.

A tale of two Fridays

Posted by episode81 on August 15, 2010

Tooth-protecting is not attractive.

The last two Fridays have introduced me to two new experiences.  Both good.  Surprising as the first one was a root canal 😐

My tooth has been hurting for 2 years.  It started with a sensitivity to cold, so I avoided anything icy.  Lucky for me, I hate ice cream.  Yes, really.  If I couldn’t avoid cool liquids, I managed to twist my tongue around my tooth, while sucking in my cheek, to achieve the perfect seal.  Let’s just say that left me looking like I was sucking a lemon.  But only with the left side of my face.  Not a great look.

Anywho, I digress …

Why did I wait 2 years?  I have mentioned before that I am not fond of the dentist.  It takes two strong sedatives to get me in the chair for a filling.  Only one for a cleaning.  Yes, that bad.  I cried during the last cleaning.  Thus the root canal was going to be a challenge.

I was referred to an Endodontist two blocks from my dentist.  She was very kind – took note of my small mouth and nonexistent courage – and gave me a prescription for two mega sedatives.

On the first of my two Fridays, I arrived at the Endodontist’s office calm but lucid.  The receptionist was astonished at my perky attitude.  She mentioned that most people are almost always carried in after two mega sedatives.  My Endodontist did a double take.  I remained calm and lucid during the 1.5 hour procedure.  I was peppy enough to sign the Visa slip and walk out of the office unaided.  The receptionist was still astonished as she mentioned that people are almost always carried out after a root canal and two mega sedatives.  I dare to be different.

Thus I survived one of the nastiest procedures that can be inflicted on a tooth without so much as a tear or a flutter.  Excellent!  No more lemon face for me.

The second of my two Fridays was less of a surprise.  I engaged the services of a personal shopper for the first time.  Now, I am not awash with money, but I needed help.  I wear a lot of jewel-colored T-shirts.  I wanted to get out of the rut and buy a non-T-shirt top for a party.  And I had a very tight budget.  I thought they would laugh in my face and send me on my way, but no.  I got an appointment and showed up in eager anticipation 😀  I love shopping (understatement!).

Melyssa had lots of tops ready for me to try on.  None of them were too small and all of them were great colors.  Oh, they they were all within my budget.  Woot!  It took about the same amount of time as the root canal.  Obviously I didn’t need any chemical inducement to get me in the door – it was wonderful.  And I sipped on a cup of iced water throughout the appointment.

I am doing all my shopping with my new friend in future.  And all my dental visits with my other new friend.  Yey!


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