Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.


Posted by episode81 on November 27, 2010


I like getting comments on my blog.  Apart from the page hits, it is proof that someone is actually reading my sweet prose.  I have become quite adept at spotting comments written by spam-bots, and they get zapped.  Most spam gets caught by Akismet, but the odd one does get through. I zap it.

Anywho, I digress …

A while back, someone posted a comment on my most popular post, Knitmare.  It wasn’t a spam-bot, it was a Nasty Someone.  As it was a threat, it bothered me.  I dropped by the local police station to report it, just in case the Nasty Someone planned to show up on my doorstep.  I had the IP address and ISP of the poster and some other details that I took along, plus a printout of the offensive comment.  Knitmare got cross-posted on a bunch of sites, some of them dubious.  I am sure one of the dubious sites  is where Nasty Someone found it.

The policeman was kind, but told me that they don’t investigate “internet crime”.  However, he filed a report and took my printouts.  He had a few questions:

Policeman: Do you know who the Nasty Someone is?

Me: No.  Probably a 14-year-old spotty youth in his bedroom.

P: What is your blog about?

Me: It is the musings a 47-year-old woman.  There are no scantily clad people.

P: What was the post about?

Me: Knitting.

P: Er.  Right. Nothing offensive then?

Me: No, but I am not as boring as I sound.  Really.  I am quite interesting.  Witty even.

P: Right.  No problem mam.

Me: Really, I am not dull.

P: Yes mam!

Me: <Sigh>

Strewth, I am dull.


PS.  Yes, I can also report it to the ISP.  I’m on it.

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