Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.

An odd goose

Posted by episode81 on April 28, 2011

Quick! Run! No, fly! I see Grape Kool-Aid!

I have had the same email address for about 14 years or so.  Unsurprisingly, I occasionally get email from people who fat finger the email address trying to reach someone else and finding me instead.  How lucky of them.  Most of them are looking for Liz with whom I share the same last name.

I was pretty ticked off at first – someone looking for Liz added my name to one of those tedious joke of the day lists and I started getting bombarded with crap. I was pretty shirty with the offender until I realized their mistake. Now I just forward wayward messages directly to Liz and politely correct the erroneous sender.

There have been dog pictures, shopping recommendations, party invites and a rather splendid slideshow of the Kentucky Derby to name but a few.

Anywho, I digress …

Recently, I mistakenly got an urgent call to arms about Lucy the Goose in Springvale Park from Eric who was looking for Liz.  Lucy was being attacked by a couple of bullies – two Canada Geese – and was rescued by a local who was now looking for help with care and feeding.  The mean geese had also scared away the ducks and people were speculating about how to discourage the geese in light of the Lucy abuse and an upcoming festival at the park – I am guessing it was not the Canada Goose Festival.  One of the more hare brained ideas involved sprinkling an abundance of Grape Kool-Aid to discourage the Canada Geese.  There was concern that fish would turn purple.  A brave soul pointed out that Lucy, being a goose, may also be discouraged by the copious Kool-Aid.

Googling for an update I surfed into the Springvale Park Neighborhood Yahoo! Group.  There does not seem to be a solution that does not involve Kool-Aid, pissing off Lucy or invoking the ire of  PETA or the Canada Goose Society.

OK, I made the last one up.

I like to think that my neighborhood group would react differently and without Kool-Aid, but currently there is a raging debate about on-street parking that is not showing people in their best light.  It hasn’t descended to Godwinian proportions yet, but sadly I suspect that it is only a matter of time.  The debate boils down to a city ordinance that prohibits street parking between 2am and 5am.  The parkers with tiny garages, packed with crap that they will never use, want to take over the streets.  The people who like to keep the streets clear want the ordinance to stay in place.

Perhaps I should suggest a Grape Kool-Aid party?


One Response to “An odd goose”

  1. I remember that debate. I participated. It did get rather heated, didn’t it? I was one of the people who wanted to end the dumb ban. I just hate paying $40.00 everytime I forget to put my car in the driveway…

    Enjoying your blog, Lisa – funny, funny.

    Chris Cummings

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