Anywho, I digress …

Loosely based on what might have happened. Or not.

That’s a good question

Posted by episode81 on October 13, 2009

What a guy!

I had a pedicure last week.  Nothing remarkable about that, but I did get asked a question that I didn’t have a ready answer for.  This is unusual because I always have an opinion.

Last week, I went to listen to Richard Dawkins speak at Kepler’s about his new book.  He also has opinions and he is not afraid to share them.  I listened, riveted to my seat, for over an hour.  He is unapologetic but clear and it was exciting to hear him articulate his views so crisply.  He does stray into fundamentalist territory now and again, which is disappointing.  However, he avoids most of the typical crowd pleasers and sticks to facts.

Anywho, I digress …

Part of the pedicure ritual is the disposable flip-flops.  I like the orange ones – there’s a surprise! Mostly, they are just plain, but every now and again, they have ducks printed on them.  Sort of a spa theme I guess, as there are frequently ducks to be found in bathroom decor.  So I was surprised when I was presented with orange disposable flip-flops  … with puppies on them.

Me: “Puppies?!?  Don’t you have any with ducks?”

Lovely Lady Doing My Pedicure: “Sorry no. I only have orange with puppies.”

Me: “That’s just wrong.”

Customer in the next chair: “Why?”

Me: “Who wants to stand on puppies?”

CITNC: “But standing on ducks is OK?”

Me: “Good point.  That’s a good question.  I need to think about it.”

So, I have thought about it.  It is a good question.   I still don’t have an answer.


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