Anywho, I digress …

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Thank You Notes are the new black

Posted by episode81 on August 13, 2009


Oh Maggie!

It is no secret that I like to shop.  Handbags are my weakness.  And shoes.  And most things that are orange.  But not traffic cones.  Or trousers – yikes!

Anywho, I digress …

Until recently, I was largely ignored by shop assistants.  I don’t dress up and wear make-up when I go shopping.  I like to be comfortable – jeans, T-shirt, Birkies (orange, of course!).

While looking in the window of a jewelry store in downtown Palo Alto the other day, an assistant actually came out to ask me if I would like to come in!  I declined.

With love from Nordstrom

With love from Nordstrom

I found myself on my own in Santa Barbara recently and decided to check out the shops.  I had a nice time.  Bought a few things from Nordstrom in the sale.  Nothing hugely expensive.  A few weeks later, this arrived in the mail.

Wow!  A thank-you note from the friendly and helpful shop assistant.  She knew I was from out of town and not likely to go back, but she sent me a note anyway.  How …. well, how sweet.

A few weeks after that, I was window shopping at Stanford.  I went into Coach as I had read an article in Business Week about their new Poppy line and I wanted to see it.  Poppy was ghastly.  Juicy Couture on steroids.  Not attractive.  Gaudy plastic and bits dangling from every zip, seam and corner.  Yuk.  However, they did have this fabulous orange (no surprises there) Maggie shoulder bag.  I don’t know what it is about handbags, but I do find it almost impossible to walk away once I have fallen for it.  So I got it.  A few weeks later, this arrived in the mail.

With love from Coach

With love from Coach

Wow – again!  With Nordstrom I was in there for at least an hour trying stuff on.  With Coach, I was in and out in 15 minutes.

Would I rather have a discount coupon?  Actually, no.  I like Thank-you notes.

Clearly, I make an impression 🙂


4 Responses to “Thank You Notes are the new black”

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  4. shedeur kimutai said

    i like thank you notes too. it shows my efforts have been appreciated and it encourages me to go back there….keep in mind am a girl and i treasure words more than material things that maybe stolen or destroyed. anywho i digress…

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