Anywho, I digress …

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The business of handbags

Posted by episode81 on October 23, 2009

Who needs a tourniquet when you have the Kate Spade Owl?

Who needs a tourniquet when you have the Kate Spade Owl?

Over the last few months, there have been quite a few articles in business magazines about handbag companies.  I have mentioned before, my love of handbags, and I also find the business of handbags fascinating.  The different marketing approaches are particularly interesting as I am their customer.

My most recent handbag purchase was the Kate Spade owl bag.  I happened to be in the Kate Spade store at Stanford and just fell in love with it – it even has little feet! I moved in to it right away and took it with me on a trip to Santa Rosa.  That’s when I noticed a problem with the bag.  Even with minimal contents, the bag is a little heavy. That combined with the sharp edges on the handle, resulted in a lack of blood in the fingers of the carrying hand.  Not good, so I tried it on my arm.  That cut the blood off to my entire hand and left an unpleasant tingle.  Not good at all.

So, I did something that I have never done before.  I took it back.  The staff were astonished.  It has sold out and is now a collectors item, selling at a premium on Ebay.  So what? That’s not my bag baby.

Understand that I really have never taken anything back to a store before.  When I buy, I am committed to the purchase!  I got a refund.  Awesome!  Then I took a ring back to Bloomies that turned my finger green.  Then some workout clothes that didn’t really fit.  I was on a roll!  But it doen’t sit well with me.  I am now taking a month off from shopping … unless I see a fab handbag … and it is on sale …

Anywho, I digress …

Oh Genevieve!

Oh Genevieve!

Both Gucci and Coach have tried new strategies to increase sales this year.  Gucci have moved up, largely abandoning their garish double-G logo and Coach have moved down with a garish line aimed at people with no taste.  Both are doing better.  I have one of the original upscale Coach bags that they will repair and replace worn leather trim for nothing.  It is truly a bag that will last – I also have the matching briefcase, not mention Maggie as well.  I have nothing from the new line for people with no taste.   I have nothing from Gucci.  Those double -G’s don’t do it for me.  Their new line is out of my reach – even if I were to buy it and take it back 😉


PS   Genevieve is a Cole Haan.  Purchased, on sale, after a year of looking.  That’s the way to buy!

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  1. shedeur kimutai said

    for me a bag is a bag and if it don’t go well with you then you put it in Ur archive and let it make the wardrobe look beautiful. if you that’s my policy

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